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This Satellite view of the Seattle shows one of many alternative routes for an elevated roadway to connect the TUBE to the First Avenue Bridge.


Seattle T.U.B.E. (Traffic Underground Bypass Expressway) is an alternative approach to routing SR99 along the waterfront. Government officials have hastily lead voters into believing that the waterfront is the only other place to move cars and trucks through Seattle. Well, we say bull! Either option of a waterfront tunnel or viaduct leaves commuters with a decade of despair as they build these elaborate non-standard structures on soft fill grounds. We think Seattle residents deserve better than that. Other cities around the globe think through their decisions and build new routes while the old routes are still in use.

Seattle TUBE is about encouraging our state government to lay a new route for SR99 while the old route remains in use. The most obvious solution is to bore a tunnel under the city instead of the waterfront. - And to build a non-stop elevated roadway through the industrial area of South Seattle that could connect to the First Avenue Bridge. It's a better solution then paying billions for 10 years of traffic misery.

The Seattle TUBE will:

1.) NOT cripple Seattle traffic during construction.

2.) Provide the oportunity to build a world-class waterfront without ANY expressway.

3.) Give Seattle a better SR99 with no steep hills, dangerous curves, or narrow constrictions.

4.) Provide an option for Seattle to sell some high-value waterfront property to offset construction costs.

Join us today by voicing your support for common sense. Don't let them build it along the waterfront!

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