Seattle Tube Blog

South end of the TUBE on Sixth Ave East of Quest Field looking north under the I-90 access overpass.


The TUBE would be similar to the I-90 tunnel. It would be bored through the earth under the city from the industrial end of South 6th Avenue. to the north end of the existing Battery Street Tunnel. It's a real tunnel, not the cut-and-cover approach proposed on the waterfront. The advantage to boring a tunnel as opposed to digging a trench is that life can go on as normal above, while the work goes on down below.

Tunnel boring projects are quite common throughout the world. (see Tunnel to read about a few). Because it's a common construction method, there are numerous contractors available to bid with higher accuracy.

South of downtown, we are suggesting (among many possibilities) a simple non-aesthetic elevated expressway over 6th Avenue with a diagonal turn over the rail yards to connect to 1st avenue. There are several ways a new roadway could be laid over the industrial areas south of downtown.

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