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Due to Sound Transit's recent experience with boring the Light Rail Tunnel through Beacon Hill, there is a wealth of tunneling resources readily available for the Seattle TUBE.

Tunnel Boring Talent is Nearby!

Sound Transit is halfway complete with boring a tunnel through Beacon Hill using new TBM technology (Tunnel Boring Machine). This means that there is a lot of local talent and expertise readily available to for this type of construction. As a matter of fact, TBMs are commonly used the world over. China is currently cutting a 15-mile, 3-lane tube through a mountain range. Norway has bored a tunnel deep under the sea. Germany, Italy, and Turkey all have tunnel-boring projects under way. The process of tunnel boring is much more common than building unconventional construction over the soft soils on our waterfront. This means that there are more companies who can competitively bid on the project. -Ultimately giving taxpayers more for their money.

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