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Seattle Will Benefit from Improving the ENTIRE Waterfront!

Even if a tunnel is built along the waterfront, it still leaves Seattle with at least a third of a mile of noisy elevated roadway right in the center of it all. There is no way to avoid this. There has to be a reasonable "hill" from the south end of the Battery Street Tunnel, over the old railroad tunnel, and down to the waterfront tunnel elevation. After billions are spent, waterfront rejuvenation supporters will still only see the expressway concealed in just the southern area of the waterfront towards Pioneer Square. The cruise ship terminal, Bell Harbor, and waterfront docks will be even more isolated form the uptown retail shops around Pike Place Market as the two decks of traffic slope into the ground.

Countless studies indicate that coastal cities having integrated waterfronts develop stronger and more resilient local economies. A presentable waterfront will help build the region's tourism industry and further attract international interests.

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